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Colorado's Voyage

Who We Are

Colorado's Voyage is a media publication, radio show and on line resource. 

Our Marketing and Media Firm is the premier resource for companies strategically targeting the consumer. We deliver a total business audience of nearly 1,500 major publishers via their websites, industry leading companies like Yelp, Virgin Airlines, Bank of America, plus many more will be promoting your business to millions of people nationwide.

Our media products provide videos and articles with comprehensive coverage of business news, health news, travel news, restaurant, sports news from a local, regional and national perspective via its websites, and from our publication "Colorado's Voyage" that is distributed through out Colorado.

The President and CEO of Bonaka Blast is Thomas Bianca. He has served as president since it's establishment in 2001.

We have a clear mission at Bonaka Blast Marketing and Media:

To help customers grow their business

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