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Cash Back Reward Program

Grow your business with our Cash Back Reward Program

Grow your business with no fees, no contracts and no upfront advertising costs with our Cash Back Reward Program. You simply offer a 7-10% cash back reward to your customers who can sign up and link their credit and debit cards to your promotion. Your linked cash back offer will be promoted at over 1500 major publishers with a full page on line advertisement campaign and a mention on the customer’s monthly statements. Your partners include Bank of America, Yelp,, Alaska Air, Virgin Airlines and many, many more. In no time you'll be on your way to strengthening customer relationships and scoring repeat visits because cash back offers are 10 times more effective than traditional marketing, it hits your loyal customers who spend the most money. So why not maintain their repeat business with a professional cash back offer program on all credit and debit card purchases. No more hassling with coupons or loyalty cards. We require no additional hardware, staff training, or effort from your business. Simply join our network with us and we will begin working to increase revenue and frequency of customers. Members simply link their VISA/MC/AMEX cards to our program and use them at participating businesses to instantly earn cash back rewards. The result, more frequency from local consumers and increased spending from your favorite customers. All it takes is three easy steps to kick start your cash back reward program. We register your offer, then we customize your advertising campaign, after completed we upload the information at Moegull and it only takes 5 minutes. Don't worry about tracking your sales, you'll conveniently have access to all of your dashboards and reports that roll up to one place allowing you to see how well your entire program is doing in-store and on the web. So give your customers a reason to spend at your business and not down the street. Registration only takes 5 minutes. Call Bonacka Blast Media to launch your new cash back offer with no contracts, no fees and no upfront costs. The only cost to your business is when we send you actual spending customers. Listen to what local businesses are saying about the cash back program.


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